Single Axle

Retco’s single axle trailers are heavy duty and durable. Equipped with a set back jack ( to create space between the truck tailgate and the jack), gravel guards on the fenders, pressure treated wood floors, DOT compliant LED recessed lighting with our unique back rail, new radial tires, Retco’s proprietary forward and rear folding GRIP Gate. In 2020 Retco’s trailers received a NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufactures) approval Certificate.

Standard Features

  • 3×2 frame
  • 2×2 top rail
  • Recessed lighted back rail
  • Pressure Treated Floors
  • Channel Uprights (Every upright is a tie down location)
  • 2″ coupler & 2000 Lb set back jack
  • Aluminum rock Guard Plates on front of fenders
  • New 15″ 6 ply radial tires and mod wheels (10ply tires are available for upgrade)
  • Front corner marker lights, slim line 3 light bar back rail (all LED lighting)
  • Spare Tire Mount

Additional Options                                         

  • 2’ Dovetail w/ 3’ Gate
  • Toolbox
  • Extra Wide
  • Dove-Tail

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